Personal Loan Assessment

Process more personal lending and BNPL application while maintaining the current human cost

The Problem

  • Slow Response Time: For every application you receive, a lot of manual verification work needs to be done to assess the application.

  • Human Mistake: Manual assessment done by humans has unavoidable mistakes.

  • Unable to Scale: You will need more people to analyze more loan applications.

  • No Audit Trail: You have no idea about the reasoning behind each approved or disapproved applications.


Personal Loan Assessment API

The personal lending assessment API helps individuals evaluate their loan eligibility based on their bank statements. It analyzes factors like income, expenses, and transaction history to determine creditworthiness. This innovative tool streamlines loan applications by providing quick, reliable results, allowing individuals to make informed financial decisions.


Income Verification - Identifying the borrower's income through his bank statement, payslips and EPF statement, also providing the stability score of his income.

Affordability Assessment - Evaluates the borrower's ability to repay the loan without causing undue financial strain.

Credibility Assessment - We leverage alternative payment data, including rental and utility payments, to evaluate the creditworthiness and reliability of potential borrowers.

Document Fraud Detection - Identifying and preventing fraudulent use of documents, especially bank statements, involves spotting altered, forged, or fake statements that individuals may use to gain financial benefits.

What are the bank supported?

Frequently Asked Question

We support bank statements across banks in Malaysia. Besides bank statements, we also support credit card statements and eWallet statements.

How fast does the analysing process take?

Our AI completes the analyzing process, roughly taking 3-5 minutes.

What data can we get?

You will be getting income verification, affordability assessment, financial credibility and document fraud detection data.