SME Loan Assessment

Process more business loan application while maintaining the current human cost

The Problem

  • Slow Response Time: For every application you receive, a lot of manual verification work needs to be done to assess the application.

  • Human Mistake: Manual assessment done by humans has unavoidable mistakes.

  • Unable to Scale: You will need more people to analyze more loan applications.

  • No Audit Trail: You have no idea about the reasoning behind each approved or disapproved applications.


SME Loan Assessment API

Our SME Loan Assessment API helps lenders to evaluate and approve business loans quickly. By automating tasks, such as gathering financial data, and business revenue indicators, lenders can make informed decisions, minimize risks, and maximize opportunities.


Revenue Analysis - Run a thorough analysis of the company's bank statements to display revenue from personal, company, or cash sales, along with the frequency and stability of each revenue source.

Expenses Analysis - A comprehensive view of the expenses paid by the company to persons and other companies.

Cash Summary - A cashflow analysis that show money in and out, balance trend, total number of debit and credits, numbers of overdraft transactions..and more.

Document Fraud Detection - Identifying and preventing fraudulent use of documents, especially bank statements, involves spotting altered, forged, or fake statements that individuals may use to gain financial benefits.

What are the bank supported?

Frequently Asked Question

We support bank statements across banks in Malaysia.

How to use your service?

There will be a Dashboard provided for you to upload and get the results. Or you can integrate our services into your current system via APIs.

What outcome are we getting?

You will be getting cash summary, revenue analysis, expense assessment, and document fraud detection data.